The Order of Saint Andrew


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We are a group of first and third Order members and friends of the Order of Saint Andrew living a life commited to our Lord Jesus Christ in a semi monastic setting of prayer and work (ora et labora). At the very heart is the communal worship. These services take place at fixed times several times a week. They include the holy Mass, the Offices, Eucharistic Adoration and contemplative prayer.

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The Retreat House in Austria

Retreats for the Swiss Associates and friends of the OSA (from Switzerland, Germany and Austria) are held several times a year in Austria. We offer quiet contemplative retreats as well as guided retreats. The highlight of the year is the Sacred Triduum Retreat from Palm Sunday into the Easter Octave. It is during this time that we are able to place ourselfs at the foot of the cross and experence the Passion of Christ through our refections and the sacred liturgy, which gives us a deeper appreciation of His glorious rising on Easter Morning.

The Retreat House

St. Sebastian's, the Retreat Chapel

The inside and Sanctuary of the St. Sebastian's Retreat Chapel

Mount Calvary Retreat Chapel

The Sanctuary of Mount Calvary Retreat Chapel